Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Take a step ahead to healthy living- experience spa Geneve

Essential oils are the soul, lifeforce and healing "essence" that are extracted from the plants. The excellence of these oils depends on soil, rainfall, sunlight and humidity. Overall environment in which the plant is growing has strong influences on the characteristic of the oil. 

These essential oils are extracted from different parts of the plants, and are found in petals or in whole flowers such as ylang ylang; flowering tops of lavender; leaves of eucalyptus; foliage and twigs of petitgreen; in lemon grass; seeds as in castor or coriander; fruits and fruit peel of bergamot and lemon; roots, woods and bark of sandalwood; rhizomes of ginger and vetiver; and finally, in resin and gums in frankincense and myrrh. At ayurvedic spa Geneve, These essential oils obtained form different plants and flowers are used for massages, vaporisation, hot and cold compresses, inhalation, aromatic baths, the hair and skin.

Most of the essential oils are aromatic but work for different purposes. When taking a whiff of oil from the bottle and you are bound to say, "Ah! That smells wonderful!" Immediately, you begin to feel calm and joyful. Working in-depth with these essential oils, you will find that their benefits seep much further down, healing your body and mind, inside out. You can experience the blissful aroma of the essential oils at Geneve spa

Essential oils are believed to cure almost all kinds of ailments, diseases like asthma and whooping cough. The positive effect of essential oils even used to help smokers give up the stick. The calm and healing fragrance of the essential oils, affects our moods, memories and emotions. They can be absorbed into your body through the massages or inhalation. 

When you inhale them, the aromatic molecules present in the oil fit into your olfactory nerves in a very specific way and send impulses to your limbic system, which is the seat of the memory and emotions. And in turn, the limbic system conveys the message to your body's natural healing mechanism known as immune system.