Thursday, 4 July 2013

Things That You Need To Do Before Shifting Your House

There are certain points you must keep in mind before starting a new life in your new home. The inspection of the locality and environment is obviously, very important. But the validation of your shifting must not be restricted due to irrelevant shifting strategies. Some people have a habit of changing houses frequently, because they do not entertain monotony and stability. You must try to consider why do you want to shift your house? If there is a valid reason such as distance of your kids' school from the new house is nearer or the new locality has lesser noise polluting elements, and then go for it. Otherwise, if the number of rooms you get or the area you get in your new house is similar to your previous one, try reconsidering your idea of house-shifting as it may cause you unnecessary strain and stress.
If you have already ruled out the betterments of your new house and marginalized the negative points, which are comparatively lesser in number, then you are ready to move.
Next, take care of the other basic tasks that are needed to set up your move, including:
·         Firstly, make a checklist of your tasks to are to be completed
·         Change your address with the post office-from the old to the new one.
·         Arrange for your old utilities to be canceled and change the new gas, electric, water, garbage, and sewer utilities to your name
·         Set up reliable an genuine internet service/cable operators/valid and working residential telephone number
·         Hire a reputable mover or logistic distribution company
·         Use good boxes to carry your stuff: go for pallet boxes, bulk boxes, stillages and stillage crates.
·         Check all the sockets and plug points and test them to know if they are working or not. Also check the fan regulators of your new house. Also ensure the proper functioning of the wires and inverters.
·         Get to know your new home and neighborhood. It is very important for you to get acquainted with your neighbors and the locality
·         Try to get the whitewashing/painting/application of the wallpaper done about 3 days before you plan to move in with your furniture or household goods.

The points listed above are essential for you to keep in mind while shifting your house, to as to minimize the errors like no electricity or water supply, or even the irritating wet smell of the white-washed walls on your arrival of “Welcome Home” mode. As commonly said, it is always better to be pre-plan things than to regret later.