Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Facebook Paper: not only for success

The feature ‘paper’ is not doing anything significant with Facebook. Before launching, it was assumed that this app would be one of the most popular apps ever launched by Facebook, but the reality came something different. This ‘paper’ which was built after efforts of nearly 30 months, is still not popular at all. 

It is often though that Facebook launched this app though Facebook did not launch it with that intention. The paper section allows the user to choose the subject he or she likes e.g. tech, sport etc. Actually the Paper is a combination of a news plus a facebook app. Paper was originally built to offer users better tools for sharing and creating their own content.

The app was designed to target the publishers so that they can attach themselves with Facebook. In fact, publishers require two things: an audience, and tools to create and share their ideas. Facebook is undoubtedly the place with largest number of audience – already exceeded 1.2 billion but it lacked publishing tools.

 The Paper feature enables the users to see more clearly what their published product will look like on their news feed. This is obviously a clear visual representation of what the user is creating. For the time being, the users are mostly overlooking the publishing element but in it are very likely to be a core feature of the Facebook. 

Building the Paper was a technical challenge for Facebook team as this though not yet popular, is a unique feature. 

This feature was the first ‘mobile-only’ app and independent from the existing apps of Facebook. Unlike the traditional Facebook apps, Paper can be scrolled horizontally not vertically. 

This application is obviously another feature to Facebook along with its several other innovations and despite its slow growth, it is expected to be popular by next year.