Friday, 15 March 2013

It’s all about Thai marriage

Thai marriage comprises of two distinct parts which includes: traditional wedding ceremony and the marriage registration with legal formalities. When it comes to traditional wedding ceremony, Sin sod is the foremost thing that strikes the mind. Sin sod is conventional custom in Thailand where parents of groom pay a certain sum of money to bride to ensure that that the girl will be looked after in the best manner and it reflects the safe and sound financial condition of the groom. Other than this, gifts are also exchanged between the two families.  In Thailand, Buddhist rituals are followed and the marriage takes place with complete ceremonial processions in midst of the monks, beautiful ambiance created all around.

Other than the conventional Thai marriage, registration is also done and the conditions are as follows:

  • Both parties must be at least seventeen years of age. Even if the bride or groom is below seventeen, the parents have to give their consent to their marriage.
  • Both the parties must be mature and not adjudged in any way
  • If any one of them will be found blood related in any way, registration will not be accepted
  • Both the parties must be free from any earlier marital bond

There are several non-natives of Thailand who visit here and the rustic charms of Thai girls steal the heart away and the marriage is done by following Thai rituals and legal formalities depending upon the consent of bride and groom’s family. On and all, marry in the quintessential beauty of nature in the midst of attractive beaches, mountains, riverside and begin with new segment of your life by accumulating the shine of twinkling stars and blessings of your loved ones after all, nothing can be complete without their precious blessings and immerse in life-long relation with your soul mate.