Friday, 12 April 2013

How can non-native speaker speak French in few days?

Though, there are many options available to learn French, but it depends how dedicated you are in your learning process. Follow up the saying, “practice makes a man perfect”. Once you will determine that you will have to speak French in few days at any cost, you will definitely succeed. Just get over with this thinking that you are learning something, which does not belong to your native country.

Just set up a time frame for yourself: it’s understandable that you will not be able to speak like a native French speaker in three to four days, but yes it cannot be discarded that fifteen days to one month is pretty good time span to learn this language. As it is said earlier, there are no fixed parameters and all it takes is your dedication and sincere efforts to learn French flexibly in few days. Don’t wait that somebody will allot you certain time and then you will begin working on it. Take initiative, fix up a time frame for you, follow up and just go for it.

Private French tutors are great option: look there’s no one who can speak French all by their own. Taking help of private French tutor is the best option to speak and pronounce the words in a much better way. The one-to-one attention really makes a lot of positive difference because the tutor will work upon you with the level you are at.    

Go simple:  do not try to jump over hard hitting phrases by thinking that you will be appreciated for your skills. Doing so will surely make a lot of effect but in a negative way, begin with some of the basic things and then jump over to hard hitting things. Doing things in a systematic way is good other than roving here and there and ending up with a complete collapse. Begin with the following things and after a certain time span you will realize the difference:

  • Pronunciation of alphabets : [ɑ] [be] [se] [de] [ə] [ɛf] [ʒe] [aʃ]
  • Recognition of colors : bleu, rouge, blancs,grise
  • Number names: 0-zero, 1-un, 2-deux, 3-trois
  • Asking for something :quelque chose
  • How to request someone?: demander aide
  • At hotel, how to place your order?
  • How to greet in French? Bonjour, bon après-midi, bonne  nuit
  • How to tell time in French? Heure

Once you will know all these basic things, rest of the things will automatically fall on their right place. After all it’s necessary to work upon concrete foundation if you want to outshine your way in long term. So do not think much, just begin learning French and keep the above mentioned things in consideration to do well.